Baby Rabbit Was Born

Yesterday, on September 16th 2011 our rabbit gave birth to babies’ rabbit. A new born had come. Our rabbit gave birth to six babies but two babies had died. Now, we just have four babies’ rabbit. The species of female is Australian and male is angora. We have not known how the appearance of the babies is, whether they are looks like their mother or father or maybe there will be combination of them.

Let me introduce my rabbits. First, I have female species we can call her mici, she has black and white hair. Among of my rabbit she is the tamest, if we call her name she will come to us. She has ever given birth to two babies last year, but her babies only can endure for three months. They looked like her mother, they had black and white hair and they were very funny. If I could see them for a long time I would take care of them until they are grow up.

Second, we can call bunny. She has brown hair. Her body is bigger than the other. Since I bought her last year, she has not showed sign to pregnant. I’m suspicious that she is sterile. Either mici or bunny has been tame even though mici is the tamest.

Third is a female too, her name is putih. She just gave birth yesterday. She is Australian species. She has given birth twice, first is last year but her babies was dead. And now she gave birth to four babies. They are very funny, the eyes of the babies are still close and it will be open in ten days. Besides that they have not had hair, and it will grow in eleven days. The babies ought to grow in a hole, due to rainy season has come when she was gave birth so she gave birth not in a hole. We put the babies in a box and we gave a lamp in the hope that they could get warm. We can put the mother together with her babies is she is not cannibal (eat her babies). In order that the mother did not eat her babies, we must make her comfortable; we must give her food and water directly after the birth. Let her take a rest; do not make a noise near her place. If the mother becomes cannibal we must separate mother and the babies. If the mother does not want to give breast to her baby, we can give the baby milk that special for animal. We can buy it at pet shop.

The last and the only male species is jabbrik. He is angora species. Jabbrik is name for hair that in disorder. The price when we bought him was Rp. 70.000,- and his age was three months. Now his age more than one year, so the price if we want to sell again must be more than that.

Now we have had baby rabbit, we hope they can grow up as mature rabbit, so that I have eight rabbit then. Amin.

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