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The New Born Again… Yiippppyyyy

Well, it is happy day on September 22nd 2011. My rabbit, Mici, is give birth to five babies’ rabbit. She makes her nest beside my room in warehouse. I can not see her babies because they are covered by her hair to make them keep warm. Mici always waits her babies; she is lying down … Continue reading The New Born Again… Yiippppyyyy

Baby Rabbit were Death

Sadly on September 19th 2011 our babies’ rabbit were death. Now I just have one baby rabbit. I do not know whether he can be surviving. I hope he can be. Now is six day after the birth, the baby has his own hair, but his eyes still close. It is need four day again … Continue reading Baby Rabbit were Death

Baby Rabbit Was Born

Yesterday, on September 16th 2011 our rabbit gave birth to babies’ rabbit. A new born had come. Our rabbit gave birth to six babies but two babies had died. Now, we just have four babies’ rabbit. The species of female is Australian and male is angora. We have not known how the appearance of the … Continue reading Baby Rabbit Was Born

Memperlancar Bahasa Inggris

Practice make perfect!!! Ya itulah kalimat yang membuat saya akhirnya membuat kategori ini 'Learning english'. Bahasa inggris saya yang pas-pasan (terlihat dari score TOEFL terakhir yang standart) baik writing, speaking dan listening membuat saya ingin meng-improve lagi kemampuan bahasa inggris saya. Agar vocab tidak hilang dan dapat bertambah maka harus sering berlatih. Saya akan mencoba … Continue reading Memperlancar Bahasa Inggris